The life of this man is much fuller than this quote can convey but it is in that sacrificial life that he has lived time and time again courageously.

Belief and convictions come to us more easily than courage. Convictions can be intentionally developed, reconditioned and strengthened throughout one’s lifetime. Courage, on the others hand, has its roots in our convictions but is less easily summoned. And like love, courage flows best from the heart. So we must be sure that our convictions have found home in our heart and not just in out intellect. When our convictions have moved from our head to our heart, it is then that we will find the needed courage to act on our convictions and to do so unwavering but also wisely and responsibly. It is also when we find the courage to do the otherwise impossible – to forgive when it is unmerited and to love across boundaries when they are opaque and frightening. It is courage that is rooted in our convictions, but which flows from the heart, that can close the uncomfortable gaps we so often perceive between intellect and faith and between compassion and holiness.

Ray Norman, Dean of the School of the School of Science, Engineering and Health.



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