Why being 23 is like a 3 week old relationship and why you should desire it

Passion.  Short and sweet is the common thread between a twenty three year old and someone three weeks into a relationship.  In both instances you are full of opportunity and little responsibility. You could run in any direction and in every direction you see opportunity   Your eyes are wide with ambition and a bit of ignorance.  The world is yours to grab onto.  You are Joseph and you just received the dream from God that you will rule over your brothers.  You jump and the journey begins.

(Disclaimer: For all you 18-25 year old I use 23 as a starting point the sentiment works for a range of ages)

It is in those moments that life is so clear and your passions though largely impractical still capture an essence of who you were made to be.  You may be reading this at 27 or 37 and 23 sounds exactly like being 3 weeks into a relationship. Exhilarating but tiring and you know that your appetite would be gone and has been since week one.  You barely even want to go there because of the energy it takes to be in that place.  This is the point of the post.  Your life has taken a course and 23 may be past but there was a spark in your eye at 23 that may have faded in the layers of responsibility  Great. Those responsibilities make life richer not duller but that 23 year old passion can bring a new life to your activities today.  I’m not asking for life changes but heart changes.  Embrace today and reawaken the passions of the 23 year old in you.  The future is open to you even if many of the plans feel set.  You were not made to live in autopilot but to feel every moment.  That is found not so much in its actions but in the heart you bring to each day.


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