The King

This was an observation from a while ago that I thought I’d share.

It is Friday, the 20th of May. I started the day reading the history of Maghreb. From the Pagans, to the Romans, to the Christian influence, on to the Arab Conquest. Noon-time I leave for cous cous. As I return on Avenue Mohamed 5 I see more guards than I’ve ever seen surrounding a Mosque. TV trucks outside of it. I walk around to the front and see more guards more fences, more people waiting, more men in the traditional Maghreb religious clothing. I realize this is the Mosque the king goes to and all of the expectation is for the arrival of the king. The Royal guard calmly mills around the entrance. The crowd waits in expectation. Some of the police pass out Moroccan flags and pictures of the King to the crowd. Red carpet is spread from the entrance to the point where the car of the King will stop. Anticipation grows, a number of black cars make a number of sweeping passes. The guard aligns into two precise rows on either side of the carpet. The other prestigious men that will join the King later in the Mosque wait at near the beginning of the red carpet for the king. Finally from a block away, commotion and a little bit of cheering begins and around comes 4 motorcycles escorting the King. The Mercedes stop right at the red carpet. The king gets out and waves to the crowd, walks down the red carpet with the Royal guard on each side and up the steps to the Mosque. The crowd of men ready in the proper clothing for the day follow him into the meeting. From one hour of waiting the arrival lasts only a minute. But it was the minute that will stay in my memory.

I saw the King.

This was a Friday, this is the day of prayer and yet all of the anticipation I saw was for the King of a country. Who was glorified today and is that really how it should be or how it will be in the time to come?


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